This post is for people who need a good heads up on Dashing for Beginners. It is a breakdown of what to expect every day dashing and your first day dashing.

When you open the Dasher App it will automatically target your current area for the zone you will be Dashing in. You can change it easily by tapping another zone.

You will also see a tab for “Earn per offer” and “earn by time”. This toggles the way you are paid.

When you are Top Dasher, you will always have the “Dash Now” option. If you are not Top Dasher then you will have the scheduled your Dashing time. Remember that you can start dashing 15 minutes before you are scheduled to dash, this really helps a lot for making Top Dasher for the next month.

The zones will turn more and more red as they are more busy. If you keep a watchful eye on the App, you can jump into the work force even if you are not Top Dasher yet.

On the next tab at the bottom you will see the Schedule Tab. Here you can plan ahead your working hours. You don’t need to do this if you are Top Dasher for the month. You can plan out your work days but it is optional. If you are not Top Dasher then you must plan ahead so that you can work at the time of your choosing.

The next tab at the bottom of the screen is your Account Tab. This will take you to your profile page and can help you with all kinds of things. You will want to know that you can set Dash Preferences here. This way you can choose to only do fast food, or red card, or all of it. It’s worth checking out so you know what control you have over your job.

The next tab over is the Ratings tab. This one is very important for when you are making Top Dasher each month. You will have a screen telling you all of your stats and if you have good enough stats with enough dashes for that month, then next month you get Top Dasher status.

The last tab is your Earnings Tab. This tab tells you a limited overview of all your dashes. Mine goes back about 4-5 months and tells me everything I did dash-wise and money-wise for Door Dash. The best thing to know about this tab on day one is that at the top you have a Today bar with a little arrow. If you tap the arrow while you are Dashing, you can see all the dashes you did for the day and how much earning you made for the day so far. It’s great for when you have a couple minutes, waiting for someones food.

This will give you a little insight into what to expect when you start dashing. I found out on day one that you really have to think on your feet and learn very fast because no one tells you how to do anything. Hopefully this website can help people along the way to becoming Top Dasher every month. I will go into further detail in other posts.

Thank you for reading, UI BASICS – 1.0 (Overview For Beginners) ~Your Proud Ally, Dasher43

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