What should you expect to get out of 1 hour of Dashing? What should you expect out of each hour of Dashing? This is some mental math that can help you along when you’re out Dashing.

The best way to Door Dash in my opinion is to Dash constantly around the clock. If i get stuck in a break, it usually does not last that long and I jump to other hot spots so that I can get it going again. Ever since they added the 6 in a row dash streak, this is even better than before.

Each hour of Dashing will grant you 3 dashes per that hour if things are going well. Sometimes it takes less or more time per dash, but I’ve found that my average is 20 minutes per Dash. Having 3 Dashes per hour sets you up nicely for the 6 dash steak for the bonus pay added onto your 6th Dash.

Every 2 hours you should earn the 6 dash streak. When you get the 6 dash streak as of today, it gives you 9$ added to your last Dash. That equals out to 1.50$ added on top of the 6 dashes it took to get the streak. So you can look at it as +1.50$ on each Dash, or an addition of 9$ for doing well.

Within the 1 hour, depending on the dashes you did, you should make at least 15$. The mark of making 15$ is set by getting at least 5$ on each Dash within that hour. If each dash in and hour is 7$ then you will get 21$ in that hour. This is great when you consider the Dash Streak adding 1.50$ to every Dash in the successful streak.

NOTE: If you are using the “Hourly Pay” feature, then you will have 15$ per hour guaranteed with tips added on top. This means all the math will be a little different.

Keep an eye on the average time of Dashes by taking a screen shot of the screen when you finish Dashing each day. That way you can count up the Dashes per hour that you have done and calculate the average money you made on each Dash. This will help a lot when you think about a good day or a bad day. 3 Dashes per hour keeps me driving constantly, that means I am doing the best I can.

If each Dash is 5$, in an hour you will make it to the base line of 15$ an hour. If you get a Dash worth more than 5$ that is great. 7$ dashes get you up to 21$ in that hour and anything passed that (Like 10$) will send you over 20$ an hour. Door Dashing is very wavy with a lot of ups and downs, so at the end of the day it’s the average for that day that is the true mark of your wage.

When you find out how many Dashes you can do per hour, you can set up the goal of hitting the Dash Streak based on a general time line. 3 Dashes per hour is very good in my opinion and it’s what I aim for every day. Just gotta keep Dashing like a flowing river.

Thank you for reading, Dasher 1 Hour Breakdown. ~Your Proud Ally, Dasher43

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