First Dash Advice

Here are some starter tips for your first dash.

Make sure that you are prepared with some key tools that can help you on every dash. The most important things that you will need is a phone holder for your car and a 10 foot charging cable for your car. You will be able to do any dash if you set your vehicle up the right way first. What you need to do is have your phone holder in a place on the dashboard where you can easily see it while you are driving so that you can touch it once to accept dashes on the drive, and so that you can follow the map to your destination. It’s just as important that you can charge your phone while driving so that you can dash for long periods of time. Hopefully your vehicle has a USB port that you can plug the cable into and then snake the cord within reach of the phone charger so that you can use it. If you set this up, you can dash anywhere for any amount of time.

Another tool that I would recommend is an App that tracks your gas mileage. I use the Solo App and it can be found on the iTunes store. This App tracks my vehicle when I am on the job, I even log into it through Door Dash so it’s very official. When I’m working I just keep the Solo App in the background of my phone and it does all the work for me. I can look back on all my dashes and see all the gas mileage I earned for each day. This is very important for doing taxes and these types of Apps can really ease the burden of having to calculate all of the money you spend on gas for the job and also the distance traveled while you work. The Solo App even tells you as its adding up just how much of a deductible you earned on the job. You can pick any App to track your mileage and expenses, but you should definitely have one when you start or as soon as possible.

When it comes to your first dash, the most important thing to remember is to take it slow. Every day I go out to work I tell myself, the first dash of the day is the most important. This is because if it goes well and simple, it sets the mood for me for the rest of the day. That’s just how I see it. But when you first start you should understand that this job gets easier with experience. You will need to learn the UI for the Door Dash App and that takes some time. You will also need to learn the area and inside the stores for Red Card Dashes. When you get more familiar with everything then it opens up the speed in the dash. You also need to remember that you are your own boss and if you need a brake, just take one. Go at your own pace and trust that when you get to know what you are doing, everything will speed up if you want it to.

Thank you for reading, First Dash Advice. Your Proud Ally ~ Dasher43

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