Earning Top Dasher With The Schedule

So, when you don’t make Top Dasher you need to start from scratch. Or when you just need to make Top Dasher and you don’t have Top Dasher Status. This Blog can help give you some help on the schedule.

The first thing you need to know is that you will need 100 successful dashes in order to make Top Dasher. This is the primary goal for every Dasher in the work force. Another thing you need to know is that you need at least 70% acceptance rating. (This is based off of the last 100 dashes. So you need 70 accepted out of 100 offered to you.) These are the things that you should focus on to make it to Top Dasher status.

The best advice I can offer is that you will need to schedule your time for working in the Dasher App. When you do, there are 2 things that you are really going to want to know.

The first thing you will want to know about scheduling is that you can start dashing 15 minutes early. So if your UI is like mine, I was able to choose half hour work times with a lot of gaps and I thought for a long time that I would only do 1 Dash if i choose that. This is not 100% true because a half hour gap between working is really only 15 minutes because you can go to work early every time. This means if you choose to schedule work times that are choppy, you can be 15 minutes early every time. Most of the time in that gap can be spent driving back to your favorite hot spot. It really helps when you are trying to make the mark of 100 dashes.

The second thing you will really want to know about scheduling is that the UI in the dasher app rolls over at the end of its projection at 12 AM every day. So you can reach out through the week and pick the best times for you, hopefully getting the spots you want early. (They added new UI on Early Access Scheduling) In my experience, I was able to choose my time almost randomly because the people who were scheduled changed there time or dropped out. Remember that you can cancel your designated time at any time, even right before you go to work and you can stop working whenever you want too. That opens up time slots, so keep a vigilant eye on the dasher app. As for the 12 AM rotation time, you can take advantage of that every night before bed.

The new Early Access Scheduling is a better way to see ahead and get the mark of Top Dasher. You will need 4.6 Customer Rating, 95% Completion Rating, and completed at least 5 Dashes between 12 AM the previous Friday and 11:59 PM the previous Thursday. The most important thing about this is that you need 500 lifetime deliveries with Door Dash. That means that it is for returning Dashers and not for people new to the work force.

This is a link to the Official site for Door Dash Early Access information. https://help.doordash.com/dashers/s/article/DX-Early-Access-Scheduling?language=en_US

When you are going for 100 Dashes, you have until the end of each month before you are reviewed. You can check your progress in the Dasher App. In the Dasher App, touch the Earnings section at the bottom right. In this section you can see Today at the top. You can check your Dashes while you wait on the job for a moment or two in this section with the Today tab. Underneath you will see a chart showing some of your stats. The UI is set up after that with daily tabs and under that, weekly tabs. Within these tabs you can find how many deliveries you’ve done in the past. If you count up the number of deliveries for the month you can calculate if you hit the mark of 100 dashes. It will also tell you the hours you worked and the details about your earnings.

Another important thing to know about starting, you need 200 lifetime deliveries for Top Dasher Status. When I first started I was granted Top Dasher Status for the first month, then I lost it for two months because I did not know that. The job opens up into being your own boss really well once you maintain Top Dasher Status. It is really worth it to have the freedom that comes from choosing your own hours and being able to leave when real life happens.

Thank you for reading Earning Top Dasher With The Schedule. Your Proud Ally ~Dasher43

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