Advice On Gas For Dashers

When I first started dashing for Door Dash in January 2023 I knew gas would be a problem. As I started dashing more and more, I found out the best way to make money and spend less on gas. Ultimately the gas costs what it costs, but after trying a few methods I found what works best for me. I will list off some methods for saving on gas and some styles on how to save and spend.

The best way to set up your pay is with the Dasher Direct card. The way the UI works is that when you End Dash on your phone, the money is deposited into your account instantly. This is good enough on its own, but it’s my choice for gas because of the 2% cash back on gas. This way will also set your income up to support the cost on gas so that you can see clearly just how much you earned that day in your Dasher Direct account.

When you pay for the gas as a Dasher, the way that it impacts you is the most important thing. This is because you are being forced to cut into your income for gas. I usually go through half a tank every 6-8 hours and for me that adds up to one days work. Half a tank of gas for me costs about 35$ and that’s on a 18 gallon gas tank.

One of the methods I use to dull the edge on paying for gas is by getting gas at the end of each work day. So I gauge how much I want to spend at the end of each day, 10$ or 20$, but always up to 35$ because I know that 35$ is half a tank for me. This way I keep more of my income each day and only cut off a small amount of money at the end. If i need the most amount of gas I will only spend the 35$ because I know that it’s half the tank and it should set me up for the next few days so long at I keep putting small amounts in. The main idea behind this one is to fill the tank once, then add small amounts often so that i don’t have to sink 70$ into the gas tank in one shot. This is my favorite method and it really helps my moral in the work force.

Another method I use is similar the the one I just mentioned, I think this one works just as well though. Because I know that I have an 18 gallon tank in my car, I know that half a tank is 9 gallons. So what I do is wait until the gas drops below the half tank and when it does at the end of the days work, I put 9 gallons into the tank. This cuts the big expense of a full tank in half and it also will allow you to get gas less often. This can also make the problem of gas much less prominent because you should not have to get gas every day, maybe every other day depending of your gas mileage. Filling the car up half way each time will set you over the halfway make every time, and then you can wait until you get under the half way mark to set it up again.

This method was the first one that I tried, it was the full tank one. I found that driving all day, I would watch my gas drop and for a while I did not care. But when I worked all day and lost a whole days work on filling the tank, that was very bad. This is what you want to avoid. You can’t work all day to fill your tank up on Tuesday so that you can make money Wednesday and part of Thursday. It’s not so much that I had to pay for the gas, it was that I knew I would not make enough to even get gas. That’s why I tried to find a way around it.

More on filling up the tank in one shot. I often shop at Tops for groceries. Tops gives you 10 cents off a gallon when you buy enough food from the store and it adds up, so I like to add up the 10 cent bonuses. This is one way to cut into the cost of filling up the tank, and you can also get the 2% cash back from the Dasher Direct card too. It’s good, but you can’t do it every three days. I had this in mind when I started dashing, it does work, just not often enough.

My favorite method to use can also be used with any other method. So with this one I like to work the whole day until I make over 100$, then I take the money over the 100$ and consider what to re-invest as gas. So If I made 120$ then I will consider the 10$ or 20$ without feeling bad at all, due to the fact that I made 100$ that day even after gas expenses. Sometimes I will earn well over 100$ and then I will fill my tank up and still keep my earnings over 100$. This feels great when it happens.

Thank you for reading Advice On Gas For Dashers. Your Proud Ally ~Dasher43

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